Off-Road Vehicle

Off-Road Vehicle Insurance

Most off-road vehicles are built for adventure — whether you’re enjoying the trail on a snowmobile or hitting the apex on your dirt bike. But some “off-road” activities are a little more relaxed. Your golf cart, for instance, may never exceed 15 miles per hour.

Whatever your off-road style, Pace Insurance and Financial Services offers specialized insurance for your vehicle. Covered vehicles include:

  • Snowmobiles
  • Dirt bikes
  • Dune buggies
  • Golf carts
  • 3-wheel, 4-wheel and 6-wheel ATVs

Here are some typical risks, and how you can protect yourself with Pace Insurance and Financial Services coverage: 

You damage your dune buggy


When you take a turn in your dune buggy, it slides into an embankment. You’re okay, but you’ll need to replace a few fiberglass fenders.


Collision coverage can help when you damage your own vehicle by colliding with another vehicle or stationary object. You’ll also get coverage for accessories like skid plates and safety apparel like helmets.

You rear-end a golf cart


When your golf cart crests a hill, you discover — too late — that another golf cart is in your path. You can’t stop in time to prevent a collision.


Liability coverage can help if you cause an accident that damages someone else’s vehicle or personal property, or results in injuries.

Your snowmobiles are stolen


Thieves hit the storage facility where you keep your family’s recreational vehicles, and they’ve taken all three snowmobiles.


Other than collision coverage can help when your loss is caused by theft, vandalism, hail, fire or animals — in other words, almost anything except for an accident.

You’re injured while off-roading


While creeping down a mountain trail on your ATV, a rocky patch catches you off guard — you dislocate your shoulder when you’re thrown to the ground.


Medical payments can help with medical costs when you’re injured in a covered accident.

An uninsured driver damages your dirt bike


Your dirt bike is parked at the course when it’s hit and knocked over by a distracted driver who doesn’t have any insurance.


Uninsured motorist coverage can help when damages or injuries are caused by someone who isn’t properly insured.

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