Commercial Property Insurance

The place you do business says a lot about your success. Maybe your wholesale company acquired a second warehouse. Perhaps your ad agency just moved to a stylish new office space. Or you might have added extra stations at your beauty salon.

Whatever purpose your commercial property serves, you need to protect it from the unexpected. As a small business owner, too, a Pace Insurance & Financial Services agent understands your challenges — and can help you understand your coverage options so you can select the coverage you want.

Here are some of the property risks business owners face:


While operating a forklift in your warehouse, an employee collides with a storage rack and it collapses.


Business property coverage can help when your business personal property is damaged by a covered event.


When that storage rack collapses, it destroys inventory worth several thousand dollars.


Business personal property insurance can help you repair or replace covered business items, such as computers, tools and inventory.


You lose business income when you must temporarily close your company for repairs from a small electrical fire.


Business income insurance can help replace lost profit up to policy limits. This may provide you with operating and payroll expenses that keep your company running.

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