Vacation / Seasonal Insurance

Maybe you have a cabin in the mountains, a lake house or a beach cottage. Whether used as a weekend getaway or a seasonal retreat, it’s a special place you want to protect. And a Pace Insurance and Financial Services agent can talk to you about a variety of coverage options.

Seasonal and Vacation Homes

You can choose customizable coverage for your seasonal or vacation home even if you don’t insure your primary residence with Pace Insurance and Financial Services. These are some of the risks you can help manage:

Ice damages your porch

Risk:  Freezing rain hits your mountain cabin during a January storm. When the ice builds up, your porch’s awning collapses.

Coverage: Comprehensive property coverage can help with damage caused by the weight of ice and snow.

Your guest is injured

Risk: Your fishing buddy slips and falls on the steps to your front porch. The doctor says nothing is broken—but he’ll need to stay off his ankle for a few days.

Coverage: Liability coverage can help with medical bills and time off work if you’re legally responsible for an injury.

Lightning destroys your media center

Risk: Lightning strikes close to your house at the lake — destroying a television and audio system.

Coverage: Replacement cost on personal property can help by replacing your damaged entertainment equipment with brand new components.

Maximize value with multiline discounts

You can get the most value from Pace Insurance and Financial Services coverage with discounts when you buy multiple policies — be sure your specialty homeowners insurance quote includes quotes for auto coverage.

Pace Insurance and Financial Services works to build strong customer relationships

Pace Insurance and Financial Services has spent years putting customers first. Are you shopping for coverage, or do you have a question about your policy? Maybe you’re ready for a specialty home insurance quote. Whatever insurance you want, Pace Insurance and Financial Services agents are ready to deliver personalized service and support.

You’ll experience a similar level of care from our knowledgeable claims representatives, who will provide assistance as quickly as possible.

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